Friday, February 17, 2017

12 Stories The World of Higher Ed is Talking About

Bafflegab (yes, bafflegab!), the lessons of Canada’s dark age of science, and THE global teaching survey results, are among the topics covered in this collection of PSE stories.

Could U.S. uncertainty mean more foreign-student cash for Canada?

Number of U.S. students applying to Canada for next fall has soared.

A New Era of Student Unrest?

Inside Higher Ed
Colleges will undoubtedly face more student protests, write Nancy Thomas and Adam Gismondi. How can educators leverage this historic opportunity and encourage constructive, inclusive political learning and participation?

Collegiality and Disability

Accessibility is not a zero-sum game.

United States: Learn from Canada's dark age of science

Citizens and scientists in the United States should learn from Canada’s time under Prime Minister Stephen Harper in order to lead the fight against ideology over science, write Alana Westwood, Kathleen Walsh, and Katie Gibbs for Nature.

Addressing the Decline in Higher Ed's Reputation

Inside Higher Ed
Stories can help to bolster the reputation of individual institutions -- and higher ed in general -- by showing that we're listening and addressing public concerns.

The Changing Landscape of Peer Review

The Chronicle of Higher Education
University presses must adapt to the rise of digital publishing and the greater reliance on nontenured faculty.

Campus sexual assault is a complex problem requiring complex solutions: Trudeau

Metro Ottawa
Prime minister fields tough questions during Q&A session with students in Ottawa.

Making Committee Service Count

The Chronicle of Higher Education
Serving on faculty panels is often seen as a thankless task, but colleges can make it more rewarding by agreeing on goals and spreading the work fairly.

Reconciliation requires “actionable deeds” by universities, not just talk

University Affairs
At a conference in Ottawa, academics, policymakers, students and community leaders addressed the role universities can play in reconciling Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples.

The perils of the growing digital industrial complex

University Affairs
A university communications and marketing director tries to cut through the bafflegab.

Same Lesson, Different Semester

Class prep gets easier and easier the more you teach a particular course. But is that always a good thing?

THE Teaching Survey 2017: results and analysis

The Times Higher Education
Academics enjoy teaching. What they don’t like is the lack of preparation time, bureaucratic burdens, unprepared students – and the TEF. Jack Grove reports.


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