Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Pink Shirt Day at the U of A

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Pink Shirt Day, University of Alberta
Yesterday was one of those days when you likely walked into work and saw that you and your colleagues all (or mostly) matched. Pink shirts, pink tights, and pink ties of various shades abounded, and that is exactly how it should be for Pink Shirt Day. Although Pink Shirt Day has come to the U of A’s campuses before, this year marks a first for one group — our protective services peace officers — who are participating in their own way.

“Officers are not able to wear a pink shirt to show our support,” said Stephanie Hartwig, a Peace Officer with UAPS. It turns out that provincial peace officers follow a strict dress code – and it doesn’t include pink. But, starting this year, UAPS has found a way to wear a pink shirt… a tiny pink shirt… in the form of a pin.

UAPS has joined an initiative started by Alberta Fish and Wildlife officers. The campaign allows first responders, who are restricted by their uniforms, to purchase pink shirt pins to wear on their uniforms (pictured above), with proceeds going to Big Brothers Big Sisters.

Hartwig is leading the project for UAPS, and hopes to organize a broader Pink Shirt Day campaign on campus next year. “We always have shown our support for people in the university environment targeted by bullying and harassment,” Hartwig said, adding that UAPS is responsible for code-of-student-behaviour investigations.

For Hartwig, wearing the Pink Shirt Day pin sends an important message: “I want people in the university community to know that we take [incidences of bullying and harassment] very seriously on campus. People come here to learn,” Hartwig said. “They should not be worried about their personal safety or wellbeing while they’re here on campus.”


  1. Love the pink shirt pin! Hope it's something that can be offered to all U of A staff members!

  2. Sell them with proceeds going to the cause.

  3. Well, I have the privilege of being able to wear a pink shirt, and I do, often.

    The pink shirt pin is a great idea for those who can't. Great of Stephanie and UAPS to do this.

    That said, I would like a pin too!

  4. So cute! Where can I buy a pink shirt pin?

  5. I love the idea of a pink shirt pin!

    Please let us know where we can purchase them for next year.

  6. I love the idea of a pink shirt pin! Please let us know where we can purchase some for next year.


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