Friday, March 3, 2017

Academic Jealousy and 14 Other Topics in Higher Ed

Maybe you’re just jealous, solving the problem of unfair credit, and discovering the Hive are all top of mind in this collection of PSE stories.

What's Up With Hive, a Nascent Successor to Yik Yak

The Chronicle of Higher Education
Yik Yak, an app notorious for anonymous gossip, generated controversy on campuses. Its successor focuses on productivity.

Tips for Turning a Big Idea Into a Successful Strategic Initiative

The Chronicle of Higher Education
Thousands of details and endless meetings are involved in any new program or construction project. But some principles can help keep a strategic initiative manageable.

Maybe You’re Just a Jealous Academic

The Chronicle of Higher Education
In the increasingly volatile industry that is academe, you aren’t alone in your envy.

Using Historical Fiction to Connect Past and Present

The Atlantic
The novels offer more than a good story—they can also be integral to critical-thinking skills, especially during periods of political turmoil.

Budget should reflect that humanities, social sciences are key to resilient economy

Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences
“Canada needs all of the arts, social sciences and humanities to build an inclusive, innovative, democratic and prosperous society and economy,” writes Christine Tausig Ford of the Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences, adding that the federation welcomes the federal government’s recognition of the role that these disciplines play in the country’s prosperity.

Canadian researchers struggle to access popular laboratory species

University Affairs
Restrictions on the importation of zebrafish are impeding important animal-based studies.

Should your career goals be public knowledge?

University Affairs
We shouldn’t hide our career aspirations, because we can benefit from brainstorming our goals and seeking trusted perspectives in narrowing our career choices.

New formula aims to stop ‘unfair’ credit for research

The Times Higher Education
Researchers on large-scale projects would receive less credit under proposed scheme.

The problem with annual performance evaluations

University Affairs
They should be used to inform and encourage, not to penalize.

Report: Understanding the Gaps in Postsecondary Education Participation Based on Income and Place of Birth: The role of high school course selection and performance

Higher Education Quality Council of Ontario
Students born outside Canada are more likely to enroll in PSE than domestic students, according to a new study by the Higher Education Quality Council of Ontario.

Avoiding the Potholes of Program Review

The Chronicle of Higher Education
Most departments undergo periodic assessment. Here’s how to make it useful.

The Professor Is in: 5 Steps to Productivity

Let go of the story that everything is a disaster and all hope is lost. Nobody actually knows.

Mobilizing knowledge for the benefit of communities, industry and government

University Affairs
For a decade now, the ResearchImpact network, representing 12 Canadian universities, has been engaged in knowledge mobilization with measureable impacts.

Information Literacy

The Chronicle of Higher Education
It’s become a priority in an era of fake news.

How One University Used Crowdfunding to Reach Young Donors

The Chronicle of Higher Education
Cornell was also interested in learning whether the approach could reach alumni who had not donated before. The experiment has worked.


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