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The Quad is where the U of A community meets online. As the University of Alberta’s official faculty and staff blog, The Quad is a digital space where the U of A community can meet and both find and contribute to a constellation of community news, information, and opinion.

A note about the title 

A “quad” is meeting place commonly found on academic campuses across the world—often located within the campus, a green space enclosed by four “walls” of buildings creating an inner courtyard. The U of A has itself multiple quads on different campuses. Quads are busy places. People sometimes rush, sometimes saunter, on concrete and foot-worn pathways to the other side of campus. Others stop for a while, sit on benches or the lawn, sharing lunch or conversation with friends and colleagues. The quad is an apt metaphor for what we envision with this blog. Ideally, “The Quad” will become UAlberta’s online gathering place where faculty, staff, and students from all five campuses come together as a community on a routine basis. Here on “The Quad” we can speak to each other across the disciplinary and physical borders that exist between us. Like the quads scattered across our campuses, “The Quad” is a space that is not just for faculty or staff or students, but for all of us.

Meet the Team


  Anne Bailey 

  Director of Internal Communications, University Relations

Anne leads the team responsible for the U of A’s internal communications with faculty, staff, and students. She has held many roles here at the U of A: contract academic staff in the Department of English, communications co-ordinator in the Faculty of Arts, research project manager for “Are We There Yet?” (CURA project) in the Department of Drama, and senior issues and communications manager and speechwriter in University Relations and the Office of the President. Prior to coming to the U of A in 2001, Anne taught for many years in the Department of English at the University of Western Ontario, where she earned her PhD in 1993, specializing in contemporary Canadian literature.



  Hallie Brodie

  Internal Communications Specialist, University Relations

Among her other duties, Hallie gathers, co-ordinates, and prepares the content for both The Quad and YouAlberta (the U of A’s official student life blog). She has worked as a communications professional since 2013 and previously served the U of A community as the manager of InfoLink: Your Campus Connection.  During her time as a student affairs professional, Hallie developed and launched the U of A’s first formal tutor training program, helped to establish the InfoLink ONEcard Service Centre, and led a number of communications initiatives for both the Students’ Union and the 2010 Canadian Association of University Student Services conference. Hallie received her BA in English from the University of Alberta in 2007.
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