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If you are a University of Alberta faculty or staff member who would like to contribute to this blog, please send a brief outline of your post idea to When submitting your idea, please note which of the following categories your post would best fit:

Note: Students who would like to contribute should consider submitting their ideas to the U of A’s student life blog, YouAlberta.

Community News

Share updates about U of A events, announcements, and new developments that would be of interest to the university's faculty and staff.

Consider This

Invite the U of A community to consider your insights into trends affecting higher education, your campus experiences, and U of A history.


Let the U of A community celebrate your latest achievement – share your awards, professional achievements, community accomplishments, and U of A milestones.

In Memoriam

Honour the memory of a past or present U of A community member who has recently passed away.

Calls for…

Let the U of A community know about your volunteer, committee, and survey opportunities for faculty and staff. 

Tips and Tricks

Share your workplace advice with your U of A colleagues.

Be featured in the "Have you met..." series 

Let your U of A colleagues get to know you by joining our series “Have you met…” Submit your request to be featured.

Corrections or Clarifications 

As a part of the University of Alberta's commitment to accuracy and transparency, the Clarifications section of The Quad will be used to correct, clarify, and share any misinformation that might appear on this or any other publication. 

Corrections and clarifications will be posted in quick response to any misinformation that has been published, and where possible, links to the original material will be included.

The Quad is committed to ensuring that the U of A community has access to the most accurate information possible, and the Clarifications section of this blog will be our means of doing so.

To report any items that might require correction or further clarification, please email Please include the word "Clarifications" in the subject line of your message.


For more information about moderation and to contact the moderation team, please review the Community Guidelines.

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